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Class 210 - Flash on Camera

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One Speedlight

Two Speedlights

One Speedlight

Two Speedlights

Two Speedlights

Are you tired of terrible or inconsistent looking photos from your hot shoe flash?

This class focuses on getting the most out of your hot shoe flash—on or off the camera. It’s all about knowing how these small strobes “think” and then modifying the light to each situation. The focus will be on shooting people, with a concentration on headshots and portraits.

Working with professional models, I will demonstrate the finer points of people photography. I have spent over 25 years studying the effects of different light sources and light modifiers. Watch and learn as I show the strong and weak points of each. I’ll compare umbrellas to soft boxes, bounce techniques, as well as many other tricks I’ve learned in more than two decades of commercial still photography and cinematography. I will explain portrait lighting in a language you can easily understand. I will “build” great portraits using one, two, and three or more lights as well as using reflectors, mirrors, and more. I will also show how to combine hot shoe flashes with studio strobes. Metering techniques will be explained. (My handheld meter and entire list of equipment is on the website.)

Requirements: You should have a digital SLR or a digital camera that accepts a hot shoe flash and is capable of complete manual control. Examples of such cameras include, but are not limited to: Nikon D40, D60, D80, D90, D300 or Coolpix P6000; Canon G10, Digital Rebel, 20D, 30D, 40D, 5D. If in doubt, please contact us.

Hardware: Are you about to purchase a hot shoe flash or add to what you already own? Are you trying to decide which diffuser or light modifier to buy? I’ll help take the guesswork out of your decision making process. I have several of the latest products from Lumiquest, Gary Fong, Lastolite, and others – as well, ones I have made myself. (Hey, we’re all on a budget these days!)

I am a Nikon shooter, but most of the class is not brand specific. At times, I will discuss specific Nikon models and the CLS system, but the seminar is really about making people look good with hot shoe flash. I am usually striving to make my portable light look like studio light.

Software: In all my classes you get to see my workflow and watch as images are captured, imported, projected, and refined. I always have the latest version of Photoshop, Lightroom, The Bridge, Camera Raw, Nikon Camera Control Pro 2, and others. I’ll compare JPEG to RAW and compare their features.

I guarantee you'll learn a lot and be ready to deliver better images to your clients!

Classes are held in Andy's studio in Farmington Hills, MI. Class size is kept small – about 10 people – to maximize your learning. Pre-registration is required. First come, first served. To enroll, please fill out this enrollment form. You may pay through PayPal here. If you may pay by check, it must be received 72 hours in advance of the class date. Your seat is not reserved until payment is received. Payments at the door, or the same day as the workshop, are $99.00 and must be made in cash. Sorry, there are no exceptions to the above terms.

Photos from past classes: Workshop 1