Workshop 306—Headshots: $79

If you were challenged to take a headshot or portrait and you had one chance to get a jpeg perfect – could you do it? Or would you shoot a hundred and hope you got one close? Or would you shoot it in RAW, or try to fix it in Photoshop? And could you do this for anyone? You spouse, your child, a beautiful model, a man, a woman, the new employee you’ve never met? Well, I will show you how!

If you have taken my workshops before, you know I am all about getting it perfect in-camera, the first time!

WHICH LIGHT: Learn how to use a wide variety of light sources as we explore which lights work best – and why. I’ll show you the difference between umbrellas, soft boxes, beauty dish, bounced sources, and more. Discover how these lights affect the shape of faces differently and which is best for each situation.

WHICH LENS: Do you really know which lenses and focal lengths are best for headshots – or have you just been guessing? See my light- metering techniques as I use my favorite portrait lenses.

HOW TO POSE: Come watch and learn as I go through the proper steps and workflow to bring great portraits to life. See which poses I use and why as I work with professional models in my studio.

Make your client re-shoots and refunds a thing of the past. Leave your competitors in the dust! Spend an afternoon developing your eye as to what is the difference between good, great, and “what was I thinking?” Your photos will never be the same!

Please bring your camera, lenses, flash, manual, and pen and paper. Thanks

I guarantee you'll learn a lot and be ready to deliver better images to your clients!