Workshop 312—Close Up Photography: $79

Most of us get into photography photographing people and scenic things. Of course there are sub-categories of these: portraits, family photos, landscape, sports, nature – and many more… As we gain knowledge and acquire more equipment, it’s only natural to tackle some of the more difficult areas of photography. One of these is close up photography.

In this workshop, we will explore “getting closer” and some of the challenges that come with it. We’ll take a look at some objects like jewelry, flowers, products… anything that can’t adequately be captured using normal lenses. I’ll demonstrate using macro lenses and reversing rings and talk about depth of field and how to control it to get the desired effect.

With the ever-increasing popularity of close up photography, the Lensbaby has become a go-to choice of lenses for creating special effects when shooting close. Students will have various Lensbabys to choose from for both Nikon and Canon cameras.

This is a shooting / hands-on workshop!

Part of the seminar will be lecture with close up photos shot, projected, and explained. The remainder of the class will be attendees photographing objects using the available equipment and lights. If you have any close up equipment, bring it. You will be allowed to take turns using the Canon and Nikon Lensbabys and Nikon macro and tilt-shift lenses.

Please bring your camera, lenses, flash, manual, and pen and paper. Thanks

First come, first served. Take your photography to the next level!