Workshop 100—Digital Photography for Newbies: $59

Do you have a digital camera and have no idea how to use it?

Does the manual look so intimidating you don’t even want to open it?

Have you been taking photos and most of them are awful?

Then don’t be a “Digital Dummy” anymore!!

This workshop is for Newbie Photographers who are just starting out and don’t know much more than to point and shoot in Automatic Mode and cross your fingers. We won’t get too complicated in this class. We’ll cover the basics you need and give you some extras that will forever improve your photography. Never miss out on your precious family or vacation photos again!!

Note: I also teach a Photography Workshop for Novices. This Newbie class is more basic and geared more towards point and shoot cameras, but if you are already using a DSLR, that's okay.

Bring your camera, manual, charged batteries, extra memory cards, pen/paper and thinking cap.

You will learn a lot and be a much better photographer before you leave! This will be the best $59 you ever spent!