Reviews of Photography & Workshops

Photography Reviews

“Andy – I have shot with the best photographers in LA. They don’t have anything on you. You’re great!”
Tim Allen, Comedian, actor, author

“You’re the Best! I mean you even made me look good! Thanks for the book cover shots!”
Mitch Albom, best selling author, screenwriter, and radio host

“Andy — Thanks for the great photos. I would like to use them on my web site.”
Grant Hill, former NBA star, Detroit Pistons

“The shots you did of me for the National Diabetes campaign are the best ever taken of me. What a great day shooting”
Jerry Stackhouse, NBA

“Andy, thanks for the amazing and unique photos you took of Steve Yzerman, Sergei Federov, Martin LaPointe, and Chris Osgood. Everyone loves them!
—Kathy Best, Detroit Red Wings

“Andy – Thanks for the great shots we took in the studio and on the track in Charlotte. The NASCAR posters look great!!
—Sam Hornish, Jr., NASCAR driver

“Thanks for the beautiful photos of Barry Sanders and the other Lions. They love them!”
—Tim Pendell, Senior Director Detroit Lions

“Andy your work is AMAZING! Thanks for the great shots of me and the morning crew. We had a blast!”
—Mojo in the Morning, 95.5 FM Detroit

“I want to thank you for being so incredibly accommodating! Mojo and the staff LOVES you!”
—Michael Isabella, Program Director – Clear Channel Radio

“I loved your beautiful calendar of the superstar athletes. I know you are going places! Go Blue! As they say at Michigan.”
Harvey Mackay, NY Times Bestselling author

“Andy – thank you for photographing all our attorneys and staff. Everyone loves their new pics!”
— Lisa Johnson

“Andy – thanks for showing me what it’s like to work with a REAL pro. I had worked with a couple of other photographers claiming to be pros. You showed me what it’s really like!
—Doug Chalmers

“Thanks for all the fantastic Superstar Athlete photos you took for The Rainbow Connection. It has been a great fundraiser!!”
The Rainbow Connection

“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such an amazing job.  Everything was perfect and I could not have hoped for a better experience. You were great to work with and are extremely talented!”
Rebecca Wisnieski

“Thank you so much for the awesome shoot today! It was a lot of fun! I absolutely love the photos.”
Keith Madigan

“Andy, without doubt in my humble but accurate opinion, (is) one of the best, if not the best photographer in Michigan.”
Mario Fachini, Business Consultant

“That was the most worthwhile photo shoot ever.  I wish I would have saved myself HOURS of time and shot with you years ago!  I will be sure to tell other models of my lesson learned!”
Susan Pike

“You are amazing Andy! I love my pic! Its my new Facebook photo for a long time!”
Jennifer Spencer

“Watching you retouch my portrait was an amazing experience. It’s my best photo ever! You’re a genius at what you do. Thanks again!” — Dr. T. Charnoff


“For anyone wanting a photography class, I can’t recommend Andy Greenwell highly enough! I have personally taken several of his classes and always learned from him. He is an amazing teacher…which not everybody possesses the ability to teach well and he HAS IT! His pricing is reasonable and you won’t be disappointed!” —  Lisa Griffin Adams

“Andy Greenwell is a fantastic and versatile photographer. We selected him to provide head shots for all of our customer-facing employees (hundreds) and he came onsite to complete a highly-organized shoot, resulting in greater consistency of quality across our company and social media channels. We also hired Andy for a separate shoot focused on our executive team. He works well with all levels of an organization and consults with you to ensure you get what you’re looking for. Professionally, I’d recommend Andy for a variety of styles from people to product, and personally, he’s taken stunning photographs of my family as well. You can’t go wrong!” — Harmony Faust, Gale-Cengage

“An amazing photographer, artist, and mentor!” — Jennifer Marchiorlatti

“Andy, you are truly and artist! The best I’ve seen!” — Joseph M., FBMJ Law Firm

It was wonderful working with Andy and Tina. We had an amazing time at the photo shoot and absolutely love the pictures!!  We are looking forward to the next photo shoot.” — Tyffani S., January 2020

“It was wonderful working with Andy and Tina. Quality photography all the way. Looking forward to our next shoot!” — Diane Snyder, Diane Snyder Cashmere, June 2019



Workshop Reviews

“You’re such a benefit to the beginner photographers – I cannot thank you enough for your teaching techniques. I appreciate 1,000% your ability to “not” make others feel stupid for their lack of experience or knowledge. Your patience & thoroughness puts you a cut above the rest!! And I just found out you did a video with Scott Kelby Training. Wow, you never stop to amaze me!”
Chris Hebert

“I have taken ALL of Andy’s classes. My skills have improved immeasurably! I even took some of the classes twice as a refresher course. All of the classes are different and I learn every time!”
—Jim Wilson, Jim Wilson Photography

“Andy’s classes are worth the money.  I’ve taken three and I wish I took those instead of trying to read books and learn on my own for years. His classes are so much better than You Tube!!”
Christopher Schramm

“I think you are an amazing instructor and photographer. I enjoyed the class (and your wit, lol)”
Sue Carter

“I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed posing class…and I am addicted to your workshops!!!”
Lee Radcliff

“Hey Andy, Just wanted to say thank you for a spectacular experience and training session in the private lessons. I could not have asked for anything more informative and fun. I look forward to working with you more in the near future.”
Todd Hartman, NY City

“Your product workshop was just amazing! In fact, it was nothing short of brilliant! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights.”
Bill Cosentino

“Candie and I enjoyed the class and it helped us both so much. The class opened my eyes to many things. It helped to watch how you worked at setting up shots. We have a long way to go but you have put us on a road headed in the right direction!”
Susan Carnahan

“The class last Sunday was really effective in improving my understanding of the relationship between light, lighting, and my camera. I’m seeing a huge difference already! Money well spent…”
Paul Stoloff

“I have a huge, difficult group shot to do, and now you have shown me how to light it. My wallet thanks you!!”
Joe Walton

“Andy’s camera workshops are very informative.  He is patient with his students and he makes you feel very comfortable in his workshops.  He freely shares his knowledge of the camera and takes the fear out of learning about a complex instrument (camera).
–Hansen Hunter Photographer/Author

“Mr. Greenwell – a huge thanks from our videographers here at the TV station. We really learned a lot about lighting and shooting. I know it will show in the newscast!”
— Doug Taylor, Director of photographers, WSB-TV ABC Atlanta, GA.