Workshop 307—Photographing Groups and Metering: $79

You’ve learned to shoot a portrait or headshot – but what about photographing groups of people? Groups present all kinds of challenges - getting the right exposure, getting everyone exposed the same, posing, consistent illumination without shadows on faces, dark complexions, on and on… I’ll show you how to do it right!

I believe good photography starts with good light metering. Nowhere is this more important than in photographing groups. It’s important not to have “hot spots,” and also that everyone receive the same quantity and quality of light. Without a meter, you’re just guessing. Depth of field is very important also. And everyone needs to be in focus!

There’s nothing worse than finishing a group shot only to find out later that only the front row is in focus and the people in back are also underexposed – and not everyone is lit evenly!

Join me for this workshop and learn to take the guesswork out of your group photos – while learning how to use your light meter. Learn how to hold it, read it, calibrate it, and more… So grab a friend and sign up for this informative workshop.

Do you control the light, or does the light control you?

Please bring your camera, lenses, flash, manual, and pen and paper. Thanks

I guarantee you'll learn a lot and be ready to deliver better images to your clients!