Workshop 302—Product Photography: $79

You bought some lights, umbrellas, and softboxes and you’ve been capturing some pretty good portraits. You feel as if you finally have “people photography” down solid.
But what happens when you’re asked to shoot a product??
You certainly can’t use the same lighting if you’re photographing something reflective!

Case in point: The two shots below were taken with the exact same lighting. She looks great, the bowling ball…not so much.

Product Photography requires a whole new set of skills, tools, light modifiers, and even a new way of thinking! Do you know what to do, or just use the trial and error method (with lots of error)!

Come check out my Product Photography Workshop and watch as we tackle a product and watch it come to life, light by light, from start to finish.

Hardware: Cameras and lenses by Nikon, lighting by Elinchrom, Speedotron, Alien Bees, Mole Richardson, Nikon and more… Support gear by Matthews, Bogen, Avenger, and others.

Software: In all my classes you get to see my workflow and watch as images are imported, projected, and refined. I always have the latest version of Photoshop, Light Room, The Bridge, Camera Raw and others. I’ll compare JPEG to RAW and compare their features.

Please bring your camera, lenses, flash, manual, and pen and paper. Thanks

I guarantee you’ll learn a lot and be ready to deliver better images to your clients!