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Casual Business Headshots Are In. So Is Quality.

By Tina Creguer While scrolling LinkedIn recently, I read a post by a man who displayed two images of himself: a formal headshot taken by a professional and a casual selfie of him in polo shirt. He looked happy and relaxed in the casual shot, but his skin tone was very red, a dark shadow covered part…

Turning Negatives Into Positives: Our Quarantine Project

Since the COVID-19 shelter-in-place began, Andy Greenwell has been singularly focused on a project he calls “Turning Negatives Into Positives.” Like many people languishing at home in semi-quarantine, Andy is using his free time to sort through old photos.  But the number and subjects of his photos are like no other. The range of subjects…
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Why Hire A Pro?

These days, everyone owns a digital camera. Technology abounds, the economy is terrible, and we live in a Do It Yourself society. So, many clients think they can take their own photos. After all, you just point and shoot, right? And if it doesn’t look good, “you can fix it in Photoshop.” Not so fast.…